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Liang JunRui Assistant Professor, PI
Institute: School of Information Science and Technology
Research Fields: Intelligent energy conversion and application; smart materials and structures
Contact email: Private
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Liang JunRui

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Vibration energy harvesting Piezoelectric devices Class-E power amplifier Energy conversion and power conditioning electronics Renewable energy


Dr. Junrui Liang has received the Ph.D. degree in Mechanical and Automation Engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, in 2010. Since November 2013, he is with the School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University, China, as an Assistant Professor, PI. His most significant contribution was that he extended the impedance modeling and analysis, which conventionally was only used for linear systems, to some nonlinear power conversion systems such as the class-E power amplifier and piezoelectric energy harvesting systems. His recent research interests include: dynamics of nonlinear electromechanical coupling systems, kinetic energy harvesting and vibration control, electrical power conversion and utilization research, renewable energy, etc. Since 2008, He has published 18 peer-reviewed technical papers in international journals and conferences and received four research awards. Dr. Liang is a member of IEEE and ASME, a reviewer of several international journals and conferences, and section chair of 2014 SPIE SS/NDE international conference.

Research Outputs

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