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Zhou Zhi Assistant Professor, PI
Institute: School of Life Science and Technology
Research Fields: Mammalian germ cell development
Contact email: Private
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Zhou Zhi

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Failure of gametogenesis causes clinical infertility; our current interests focus on germ cell development, a) by using spermatogonial stem cell model, we would like to uncover the mechanisms of adult stem cell maintenance and differentiation; b) by using transgenic mouse model, we are trying to figure out the functions of some new genes during meiosis and their working mechanisms.


Dr. Zhi Zhou obtained his bachelor's degree at Department of Animal Science, Hunan Agricultural University in 2005 and then obtained his Ph. D. at Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011. From 2011-2016, Dr. Zhou received his postdoctoral training in National Institute of Genetics, Japan. Since October, 2016, Dr. Zhou joined ShanghaiTech University as a tenure-track assistant professor, PI in School of Life Sciences and Technology.

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