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Zhong GuiSheng Assistant Professor, PI
Institute: iHuman Institute
Research Fields: Neurobiology, superresolution optics
Contact email: Private
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Zhong GuiSheng

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Dr. Zhong's group is studing the following biological questions using superresolution fluorescence imaging and electrophyiology methods: 1) the structure and function of GPCR in cells; 2) the organization mechanism of neural ciruits for locomotion; 3 the communication mechanism between microglia and neurons. We are also interested in developing new imaging methods with STORM and X-ray.


Dr. Zhong got the bachelor degree of physics at Anhui University at 1999; got the master degree of Biophysics at University of Science and Technology of China at 2002 and received his PhD degree of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University at 2007. From 2007-2015, Dr. Zhong received his postdoctoral training in the field of neurobiology and superresolution fluorescence imaging at Cornell University and Harvard University. From 2015, Dr. Zhong joined ShanghaiTech university as an assistant professor at school of life science and technology and as a research associate professor (PI) at iHuman institute.

Research Outputs

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