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Chen YuLin Distinguished Adjunct Professor
Institute: School of Physical Science and Technology
Research Fields: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Electronics Structures of Quantum Materials
Contact email: Private
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Chen YuLin

Research Contents

Topological quantum materials
Strongly correlated electronic materials
High temperature superconductivity
Low dimension electron system
Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy


2014 Oxford University Associate Professor and Fellow of Jesus College 2012–2013 Oxford University University lecturer and Fellow of Jesus College 2010–2011 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Staff Scientist 2009–2010 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Associate Staff Scientist 2008–2009 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Post-doc 2008 Stanford University Ph. D 2000 University of Science & Technology of China B. S.

Research Outputs

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