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Chen LingLing
Institute: School of Life Science and Technology
Research Fields: Functional Characterization of Long noncoding RNAs
Contact email: Private
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Chen LingLing

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 Chen lab’s research mainly focuses on long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), a giant and varied class of new RNA molecules. Her lab has developed methods for genome-wide discovery and characterization of non-polyadenylated RNAs (Genome Biol 2011). This work has led to the identification of lncRNA species with new formats including broadly expressed circular RNAs (Mol Cell 2013; Cell 2014) and sno-processed lncRNAs (Mol Cell 2012/2016; Cell 2017). Importantly, some such RNAs have been implicated in gene regulation and human diseases (Mol Cell 2012/2016/2017; Cell 2017/2019). Her group now investigates the biogenesis of these RNAs and their mechanisms of action in human health and disease.

Research Outputs

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