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Guan Ji-Song Associate professor, PI
Institute: School of Life Science and Technology
Research Fields: long-term memory, epigenetic regulation
Contact email: Private
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Guan Ji-Song

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Memory is the capacity that brain retain and retrieve the past information. Hippocampus and neocortex are the essential nuclei that are involved in the storage of episodic memory. It is still unclear how a specific memory is encoded and retrieved in the brain network. We develop novel large-scale approaches to map the memory-encoding associated neuronal activity patterns at cellular resolution, which are the neural representations of memories underlying the encoding, consolidation and retrieval phases. We are also exploring the spatial and temporal modifications of neural circuits to decode the memory storage for specific events. In the same time, we identify the essential molecules that are involved in modification of neural circuits upon learning. Currently, we are focusing on the epigenetic regulators in the memory engrams, the neuronal ensembles marked by immediate early gene during learning. Furthermore, we explore the laminar structure of engram networks in neocortex and their relationship to the hippocampal formation. By dissecting the molecular and circuit mechanisms of the engram circuit, we want to answer the questions on how a specific contextual memory, which combines the cross-modality information, is stored, preserved and retrieved in the brain and its relevance to diseases.

Research Outputs

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