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Preparation of potassium intercalated carbons by in-situ activation and speciation for CO2 capture from flue gas 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION, 2020, 卷号: 35, 页码: 59-66
Authors:  Cao, Shicheng;  Zhao, Hongyu;  Hu, Deng;  Wang, Jun-an;  Li, Minkang;  Zhou, Zhongjin;  Shen, Qun;  Sun, Nannan;  Wei, Wei
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In Situ Investigation of Reversible Exsolution/Dissolution of CoFe Alloy Nanoparticles in a Co-Doped Sr2Fe1.5Mo0.5O6-delta Cathode for CO2 Electrolysis 期刊论文
Authors:  Lv, Houfu;  Lin, Le;  Zhang, Xiaomin;  Song, Yuefeng;  Matsumoto, Hiroaki;  Zeng, Chaobin;  Ta, Na;  Liu, Wei;  Gao, Dunfeng;  Wang, Guoxiong;  Bao, Xinhe
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Enhanced Ethanol Production from CO2 Electroreduction at Micropores in Nitrogen-Doped Mesoporous Carbon 期刊论文
Authors:  Song, Yanfang;  Wang, Shibin;  Chen, Wei;  Li, Shenggang;  Feng, Guanghui;  Wei, Wei;  Sun, Yuhan
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Detailed characterization of Phellodendron chinense Schneid and its application in the corrosion inhibition of carbon steel in acidic media 期刊论文
Authors:  He, Tao;  Emori, Wilfred;  Zhang, Run-Hua;  Okafor, Peter C.;  Yang, Min;  Cheng, Chun-Ru
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Artificial bioconversion of carbon dioxide 期刊论文
CHINESE JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, 2019, 卷号: 40, 期号: 10, 页码: 1421-1437
Authors:  Zhao, Ting-Ting;  Feng, Guang-Hui;  Chen, Wei;  Song, Yan-Fang;  Dong, Xiao;  Li, Gui-Hua;  Zhang, Hai-Jiao;  Wei, Wei
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Insights into friction dependence of carbon nanoparticles as oil-based lubricant additive at amorphous carbon interface 期刊论文
Carbon, 2019, 卷号: 150, 页码: 465-474
Authors:  Xiaowei Li;  Xiaowei Xu;  Kwang-Ryeol Lee;  Aiying Wang
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Selective Transformation of CO2 and H-2 into Lower Olefins over In2O3-ZnZrOx/SAPO-34 Bifunctional Catalysts 期刊论文
CHEMSUSCHEM, 2019, 卷号: 12, 期号: 15, 页码: 3582-3591
Authors:  Dang, Shanshan;  Li, Shenggang;  Yang, Chengguang;  Chen, Xinqing;  Li, Xiaopeng;  Zhong, Liangshu;  Gao, Peng;  Sun, Yuhan
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A review of research progress on heterogeneous catalysts for methanol synthesis from carbon dioxide hydrogenation 期刊论文
CATALYSIS TODAY, 2019, 卷号: 330, 页码: 61-75
Authors:  Dang, Shanshan;  Yang, Haiyan;  Gao, Peng;  Wang, Hui;  Li, Xiaopeng;  Wei, Wei;  Sun, Yuhan
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Polarity tuning of carbon nanotube transistors by chemical doping for printed flexible complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)-like inverters 期刊论文
CARBON, 2019, 卷号: 147, 页码: 566-573
Authors:  Xiao, Hongshan;  Xie, Huafei;  Robin, Malo;  Zhao, Jianwen;  Shao, Lin;  Wei, Miaomiao;  Portilla, Luis;  Pecunia, Vincenzo;  Chen, Shujhih;  Lee, Chiayu;  Mo, Lixin;  Cui, Zheng
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Comparative environmental and economic performance of solar energy integrated methanol production systems in China 期刊论文
ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT, 2019, 卷号: 187, 页码: 63-75
Authors:  Chen, Qianqian;  Gu, Yu;  Tang, Zhiyong;  Sun, Yuhan
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