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Luo XiLiang Associate Professor, PI
Institute: School of Information Science and Technology
Research Fields: Signal and Information Processing, Wireless Communication, Information Theory
Contact email: Private
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Luo XiLiang

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Enabling Technologies for Next-Generation Wireless Communications: heterogeneous networks, interference coordination, massive MIMO, indoor and outdoor positioning, etc;
Signal Processing on Graphs: social networks, wireless sensor networks, etc;


Xiliang Luo received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the Peking University, Beijing, China, in 2001, and his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis in 2003 and 2006, respectively. Xiliang Luo was with SPiNCOM research group and led by Prof. Georgios B. Giannakis. Since 2006, after finishing his PhD studies, he has been working in Qualcomm Research at different posts: senior engineer (2006), staff engineer (2010), and then senior staff engineer (2013). His work in Qualcomm includes: system design, analyses, and standardization of 3GPP LTE starting from initial Rel-8 till current Rel-11. He was the designer of various enhancements to Qualcomm’s current LTE solutions and he has led the designs of Qualcomm’s next generation LTE modem for heterogeneous networks from initial concept to final completion. His general research interests lie in signal processing, communications, and information theory. In particular, he is interested in research combining information theory and signal processing theory that can shape and guide the designs of next generation wireless networks beyond 4G LTE.

Research Outputs

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